Statement Of Agreement

The member associations of ARIA together agree:

  1. To be mutually beneficial and supportive;
  2. To share leadership and expertise;
  3. To demonstrate a sincere desire to improve the common good of associations and their constituents as well as the pan-American research industry; and
  4. To reflect a shared commitment to the inherent principles of the research industry, which are (a) confidentiality of and respect for research participants and (b) honesty and transparency in our relationship with our respondents, our clients, and our publics.

ARIA members agree that information, documents, or other publications or materials that are shared with each other shall be treated as confidential, unless otherwise agreed to by the association providing such documents. The discussions at and minutes of ARIA meetings shall also be treated as confidential, but may be shared with member associations' Boards of Directors.

Each member association may appoint at least one representative to ARIA. If actions are to be taken or decisions made, such actions shall be decided by a majority vote, with one vote given to each member association. While a majority vote of the member associations will control, the record will note which associations agreed, dissented or abstained from the action or decision. Any public pronouncements regarding ARIA discussions or decisions shall reflect the member associations that have agreed, and if requested, those that have dissented.

The common interest in consensus building shall not restrict or preempt any member association from expressing its own perspective, even if it differs from the views of other associations. Each association agrees to respect the right of other ARIA member associations to disagree and to have their perspectives and opinions on issues acknowledged and recorded in ARIA minutes and/or in public pronouncements.