Alejandro Garnica Andrade
VP Executive, AMAI (the Mexican Association of Research Companies) and Co-Director, GRBN (Global Research Business Network)

For more than three decades, Alejandro has worked in applications of research and planning in such areas as mass communication, media, advertising, markets and branding. He received a B.A. in Communication Theory and Research (UIA, México), a Diploma in Political Marketing (ITAM, Mexico) and a Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication (UOC, Barcelona)

Since 2003, Alejandro has a twofold activity. He is leading AMAI (the Mexican Association of Research Companies) as well as consultant on market and communication research and planning. He has co-authored three books: Medición de audiencias de televisión en México, the first volume about television ratings in Mexico; Telenovelas.Nuestras íntimas extrañas regarding soap operas, and Audiencias Saturadas, the first "mediagraphy" of communicaton reception in a presidential campaign 

Diane K. Bowers
CASRO President

Diane, head of CASRO since 1979, has been a member of the Board of Advisors of four U.S. graduate programs in marketing research. In 2006 she received the "Research Industry Impact and Prestige Award" from the Master of Marketing Research Program at the School of Business of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Diane is a member of ESOMAR's Professional Standards Committee, and serves as Chair of ESOMAR's Mobile Research Project Team. She is a Past President of the Market Research Council (MRC), the Research Industry Coalition (RIC), and the Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR).